Jada George

At the end of your time with your loved one, you can trust us to help you with your pet's aftercare. We work closely with a trusted crematory, Pet Memorial Services, that truly goes above and beyond to assure us as vets that they are taking the absolute best care of our patients - your family - as possible.

Usually families decide between an individual cremation (pet cremated separated from other pets, their specific cremains returned in an urn of your choice to keep, bury, or spread) and a communal cremation (pets are cremated together and cremains buried in a burial garden in beautiful Northern Pennsylvania). A true private cremation is certainly available as well (your pet is the only pet in the chamber during cremation process). We can discuss this at any time.

This crematory is active in community as well as furthering the field of pet cremation and helping make strides towards organizing and setting industry standards to ensure pet-owning families are guaranteed their loved ones are cared for as they should be.

Pet Memorial is a quality crematory that shows their dedication by including a multi-level tracking and record-keeping system for all pets entering their care at the clinic level all the way through the process, constant video surveillance of the entire facility, and an ongoing relationship with us- your vet- to ensure everyone is satisfied with the service their pet and family received.

Feel free to contact us or the crematory directly to further discuss the services available.